Introduction to CUCHEN, a leading brand for premium lifestyle

A company providing the optimum products and services based on creative and innovative
mind and continuously developing from communicating with the society.

  • Customer-Centered

    Put customers on top of priority and provide the optimum services

    Listen to customer opinions and aim for customer satisfaction
  • Communicative

    Generate highest values based on solid attachment

    Practice co-existence and accompanied growth by communicating with the society
  • Smart

    Foster creative and innovative mindset

    Secure future competitive advantage by building a smart business environment

Attitudes of CUCHEN People

  • Principles and standards Hygiene and honesty Righteousness and transparency Practicing honest and positive corporate culture with ideal thinking and behaviors

    Maintain healthy corporate culture with ideal thinking and behaviors

    Save corporate property and practice honesty in conducting business

    Built confident corporate culture with zero deceitfulness and corruption

  • Responsibility Passion and creativeness Passionate and innovative management Pursuing the highest values with challenge and passion

    Diligently strive to the end

    Always take on new challenges and focus on future growth momentum

    Breakthrough the present hardships and strive for the benefit of the company

  • Trust and respect Community awareness Co-existence and accompanied growth Cooperating as a unified community with trust and respect

    Value, be proud of and respect each other’s duties

    Have community awareness based on mutual confidence

    Create shared vision between customers, shareholders, employees and business partners

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