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IH Pressure Cooker

Features & Specifications

[ cuchen 121 IH rice Cooker]

English display panel in US model, 3 language voice control

 Supports 3 languages: Korean, Chinese and English

2.1 ultra high pressure / power lock locking system

121°C of ultra-high pressure makes perfect rice with the absolute temperature of taste.

Mixed rice is 33% more softer like white rice, the first in Korea at 2.1 ultra-high pressure

Black 121 Premium Dyking Coated inner pot using innovative new high-pressure materials

Easy and detachable clean cover for convenient and clean use

Full stainless Power lock system

It is safe even if you accidentally pour water on the oven base with a sturdy triple sealing structure ( Thermo-guard to prevent penetration of water )

It can enjoy the soft taste of mixed rice with 3 step simmer & Soak function

#1 Energy Consumption Efficiency Rating

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