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Pressure Cooker

Features & Specifications

[ Pressure Rice Cooker(10Cup) Silver ]
 - Cast Iron(Gamasot) Inner Cooking Pot with Heat/Steam Resistant Dyking Coating
 - 3-Layer Power Rubber Packing retains pressure and heat to keep the fresh taste of rice
 - Cooks 4 types of rice (White rice, Multigrain rice, Brown rice, and Nurungji
 - 7 Rice Cooking Presets (Regular/Other white rice, Sticky white rice, Speedy-cook white rice, Regular multigrain rice, Speedy-cook multigrain rice, Brown rice, and Nurungji)
 - Fine-Tune Rice Taste Control enables you to customize the preset settings to adjust the softness and nutty aroma of rice.
 - Other Cooking Presets (Samgye-tang. Sooyuk, Galbi-jjim, various porridges, Vegetable soup, Jujube tea, and etc. The dish list and recipes can be found in the product manual booklet)
 - Smart Auto Keep-Warm, Power Saving Keep-Warm, and Reheat
 - Auto Temperature Sensor – monitors cooking & keep-warm temperatures
 - Preschedule When to Start Cooking
 - One-Touch Auto Cleaning cleanses the nozzle by distributing high-pressure steam through the nozzle
 - Detachable 100% Stainless Steel Clean Cover (inner lid)
 - Voice notification in Korean, English, and Chinese
 - Graphic FND + LED Screen
 - Smart Jog Dial – quick menu selection
 - Notification of When to Replace Rubber Packing
 - 20 Safety Devices
 - Buttons are in English and Korean
 - Made in Korea

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